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Real Client Feedback

We’ve been using Armstrong for years. We recently had a slow leak from under the kitchen sink…we started noticing the wood flooring was starting to “ripple” …we called in Armstrong – our plumber found the leak and fixed it. BUT – he discovered the water had been pooling under the sink. The slow drip spread into our living room and dining room. Our home is on a cement slab. It was bad.
Once the leak was repaired, we needed an “Environmental Remediator” to test and repair damage and possible contamination caused by the pooled water between the cement and the wood flooring.
Armstrong recently added a Remediation Service to their extensive list of other services. Bottom Line – for the next several weeks we had inspections, extensive floor removal, drying, testing, clearing all furniture, and finally the replacement of flooring. The service we received was excellent – the Remediation Department leadership coordinated all the things that needed to be done, including the communication with our homeowner’s insurance claim.
I’m a strong supporter of Armstrong Remediation. Their service for us was excellent.

Mario and Janet Rodriguez | Citrus Heights | October 2020

We contacted Armstrong Remediation to assist our water district with various projects including bioremediation of a homeless encampment that had spilled onto our property (drug paraphernalia, fecal debris, blood), and the occasional homeless fecal cleanup outside our offices. Their response has been phenomenal; usually same day service, fair pricing, and exceptional customer service from the manager Mike and his team. They allow us flexibility in determining the scope of work, show up as promised, and handle everything from cleanup through disposal. We can occasionally experience water damage and other issues from flooding, and I’m confident Armstrong will be there to help us with these type projects when the need arises. Armstrong is our go to business for these service and I highly recommend them as a company.

Ben Harris | Saftey/Risk Officer, Sacramento Suburban Water District

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