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Why Remediation From Armstrong Remediation?

Homes and businesses in the greater Sacramento, CA area are all susceptible to a mold infestation. Armstrong Remediation recommends letting our team of mold specialists inspect your structure and perform a thorough remediation process. Painting over a mold splotch does not resolve the problem, and simple mold removal services can leave you exposed to future issues. Mold remediation is the best way to resolve your infestation and preserve your structure.


Reasons to Choose Mold Remediation

Mold remediation from Armstrong Remediation offers many benefits over other companies’ mold removal services or trying to do it yourself. Undergoing the full remediation process protects your comfort, health, and your property’s condition. We recommend opting for it for the following reasons:

We Correctly Treat Your Mold Problem

After assessing the mold and any damage it has already caused, we run through a comprehensive cleaning and removal process. After isolating any growth, we address the colonies of mold and any surfaces they might affect. The process covers your current mold issues by removing the sources of growth and thoroughly eliminating the colonies while preventing the spores from spreading.

Remediation Prevents Future Mold Issues

Mold remediation prevents the chance of mold growth reoccurring in your home or business because it significantly reduces the spreading of spores and removes hospitable environments for colonies, such as humid or moist areas. After we eradicate the current mold growth, we make sure your structure has the least chance of future problems.

You Get a Proper Assessment

Our professional team will find the problem areas you don’t notice, determine the source of your mold, and assess the proper actions to take to eliminate any mold colonies. The thoroughness of remediation ensures all your problem areas get taken care of.

You Get Information to Avoid Future Mold

Our team does not just clean up your mold growth and leave you unarmed against reoccurring mold. Along with our remediation services, we give you useful tips on how to prevent mold growth. This advice may include resolving overly-humid areas in your home or business, as well as where potential mold colonies may begin and how to prevent them.

The Process Saves You Money

While the extent of mold remediation may seem daunting, it completely resolves your infestation and prevents any future growth from occurring. You will not need to worry about going through constant service appointments to remove mold, nor will you and your family suffer from the health effects or property damage mold causes.

Serving Sacramento, CA’s Mold Remediation Needs

Armstrong Remediation is available to help commercial and residential properties with mold issues. Our team is ready to eliminate your current mold and prevent future infestations with remediation.

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