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Crawl & Confined Space Cleanout Services

Your home in greater Sacramento, CA is an investment requiring regular care to keep it in top condition. While painting the walls and exterior and maintaining regular cleaning tasks in the visible areas goes a long way, your home’s hidden spaces need periodic attention, as well. Armstrong Remediation can help you with our crawl and confined space cleanout services.


Potential Damage From a Neglected Crawl Space

Armstrong Remediation knows you do not typically think about your crawl space and confined spaces. However, neglecting them can lead to substantial and expensive issues. Here are some examples of potential damage:

Mold Growth

Mold thrives on humidity and moisture, and dark areas with no light are an ideal environment. Crawl spaces fit this description, which is why they are prone to mold infection. Your home’s condition and family’s health are at risk with mold growth. It eats away at the dead organic material in support beams, and the spores from the ongoing incubation process become airborne and cause harm to people living in the structure over time.

Rodents and Other Pests

A cluttered, moldy crawl space or confined area with moisture attracts pests like rodents and insects. These invaders also like the dark environment. With the combination of water, mold, and absence of light, pests will never want to leave. You can end up with these unwelcome tenants reproducing and spreading throughout your home. Our team keeps your home cleaned out and identifies any issues potentially attracting pests.

Water Leaks and Floods

A water leak in your crawl space does more than drive up your water bill every month. The damage of excess water building up over time can create an unstable space under your home. Whether you have a flood or a leak, the water eventually drowns the soil and causes poor conditions for your home’s weight, which leads to it sinking and breaking.

Sagging Floors

You might notice dips in your floors, and they may creak when you step on them. These dips are due to sagging floors in your crawl space. Crawl space support beams help keep your floorboards in place, which in turn supports the weight of your family and flooring. The entire support system falls out of place when your crawl space’s structural integrity is compromised. This situation may be due to water or mold deteriorating the wooden supports. Water makes the wood soft and weak while mold eats through its microscopic fibers and causes a collapse.

Keeping Sacramento, CA Homes Safe & Clean

Armstrong Remediation is available to homes and businesses throughout the greater Sacramento area. If you need a crawl or confined space cleanout, we will gladly schedule a visit to your property.

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