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Understanding Mold Remediation in Sacramento, CA

A mold infestation can happen anywhere since you can find the airborne spores in nearly every indoor and outdoor space. When a mold colony starts in your home or business, it can grow and spread throughout your entire structure. Let Armstrong Remediation perform mold remediation to resolve your mold problem in the present and future. We serve clients throughout the greater Sacramento, CA area.


Steps of the Mold Remediation Process

Mold remediation is best left in the hands of the trained professionals at Armstrong Remediation. We eliminate mold growth and prevent it from returning. Below are the summarized steps involved in our remediation process:

Step 1

Contact Armstrong Remediation to schedule service at your home or business if you notice any signs of a mold issue. Besides visible evidence of mold growth, you might also detect a musty odor, suffer from sneezing, coughing, or a sore throat, or notice water or moisture collecting in an area. If there is a water source or moisture leaking, we will stop it to prevent continued resources for the mold.

Step 2

When we arrive at your property, our team will perform an inspection and mold damage assessment. During the inspection, we will locate the mold growth, identify it, and determine its severity. We assess the extend of damage the mold has already caused and suggest the best action to eliminate it.

Step 3

After the inspection and assessment, we contain the mold using various procedures to prevent it from spreading. Our team may isolate the contaminated area using negative air chambers, which creates negative air pressure and physical barriers to stop the spread of mold spores as we perform cleaning. We also shut off all fans and your HVAC system to prevent spreading as well.

Step 4

Using specialized filtration equipment, we capture microscopic mold spores from the air. This equipment vacuums and scrubs the air during the remediation process, so spores do not spread.

Step 5

Our team uses antimicrobial and antifungal treatments to destroy mold colonies and prevent new ones from forming. We may also need to remove carpeting, drywall, and other mold-infested materials to eliminate mold growth.

Step 6

The next step is cleaning your contents and belongings, such as furniture, clothing, curtains, and decorative items. We use various techniques to clean and sanitize these items, and we have the equipment to deodorize your space.

Step 7

After eliminating the mold, we can begin the restoration process. This step may involve removing building materials like subfloor and drywall. You might also need minor repairs, including new carpet, painting, and replacing drywall. In some cases, you may require significant repairs to restore your home or business.

Armstrong Remediation Resolves Your Mold Problem

Don’t put off mold remediation and let an infestation take over your house and endanger your family’s health. Armstrong Remediation is available to help you eliminate your mold threat through remediation.

Schedule Professional Restorative Service Today!