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Dependable Cleaning & Restoration Services

Problems like mold, water, and biohazardous messes on your property do more than giving it a blemished appearance. These elements can affect your woodwork, drywall, and overall structural condition, and they can endanger your health. Let Armstrong Remediation resolve these issues with conclusive cleaning and restoration services. We serve residential and commercial clients throughout greater Sacramento, CA.


Our Collection of Services for Homes & Businesses

Armstrong Remediation’s team of friendly professionals share a dedication to offering the best results possible on any service. We offer the following services to residential and commercial properties:

Water Removal and Dehumidification

Water in your basement, between your walls, and pooling under your crawl space can cause substantial damage to woodwork and other materials, and it can lead to mold and mildew growth. Let our team thoroughly remove any built-up water in your structure and dehumidify the space to prevent further issues threatening your property’s value and your family or staff’s health.

Insurance Claim Response and Resolution

If you have an insurance claim for damage to your home or business, we work with your insurance to take care of the cleaning and restoration services you need to make sure your plan covers the work. Our team has experience ensuring our services get approved by insurance companies.

Mold Mitigation and Remediation

Mold is worse than just an unsightly blemish on your walls and under counters. The spores given off can negatively affect the health of anyone occupying a home or business with mold growth. The best way to eradicate mold and prevent it from returning is professional mitigation and remediation. We have valuable training and experience handling mold issues and eliminating their growth.

Crawl and Confined Space Cleanout

You might neglect certain areas in your home or business because attending to them does not seem immediately important. Crawl spaces and other confined spaces are examples of structural areas people forget to check, but built-up trash, leaves, moisture, and other materials can result in fires, mold, and other damaging situations. Our team will gladly perform a cleanout in any of these spaces.

Bio Cleaning and Vandalism

Some messes are too problematic or risky for a home or business owner to clean up on their own. Biohazard spills and messes expose your family or staff to possible contaminants like viruses, bacteria, and other harmful elements. Structural vandalism, like spray paint, is hard to remove and may drive away customers. We offer bio cleaning and vandalism restoration to keep you safe and restore your property.

We Proudly Serve the Greater Sacramento Area

Armstrong Remediation will help you restore your property’s condition when you have problems like mold, water, or vandalism. Our team of friendly and experienced professionals is ready to make your home or business healthy and comfortable again.

Schedule Professional Restorative Service Today!